Dashboad of JC Project

The JC Project dashboard gives you immediate access to items that are the most important for you to see. Your dashboard is broken into ten major sections.

Upcoming Events

The first section (shown below) allows you to see upcoming events that you have for the seven coming days.

You will notice that the calendar shows you the next 7 days and any items that are assigned to you. In the above example several tasks are displayed. Hovering over these items will give you a tool tip with more information to help you quickly see the details of the task.  This way you can quickly see items that need your attention as well as the project they are on, due dates, summaries, and other important information.

Unread Messages

The second section of the dashboard shows you any unread messages that you have in your inbox. You can quickly read the subjects and see who the message is from and jump right to that message from your dashboard.

Starred Items

The third section of the dashboard will show you any item that you've starred. This provides you with the ability to keep close tabs on the items you think are most relevant. Unlike the Upcoming Events, the starred items are items you select as important

Upcoming Milestones

Milestones are a way to track important steps throughout a project. You can quickly visit this section of your dashboard to see upcoming milestones related to all project you are assigned to. 

Overdue Milestones

Similar to the previous section, this section of your dashboard gives you a quick idea about overdue milestones related to all project you are assigned to.

Upcoming Tasks

Tasks provide a way to establish actual items that need to be done to complete a project. This section of your dashboard allows you to see upcoming tasks related to all project you are assigned to. 

Overdue Tasks

Overdue is a status of task that means that the due date of the task has elapsed and the task hasn't been completed by that moment. this section of your dashboard gives you a quick idea about overdue tasks related to all project you are assigned to.

Upcoming Invoices

To have an idea about your invoices and then take the right decision at the right moment, JC Project dashboard gives you an area to see all your upcoming invoices with some helpful informations.

Overdue Invoices

Unpaid invoices are also displayed at your dashboard. It lets you permanently aware about what should have been paid and it is not because of a some known reasons. 

Activities since my last visit

JC Project is built for a project team, all collaborators can add, edit, comment ... items. All activities are automatically tracked and displayed on your dashboard in this section. It allows you to have a quick reading to what have been changed and stay informed about all projects that you are assigned to. 

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