Install and Uninstall of JC Project

Installing the component

  1. After purchasing the component from our store at log into our website and visit the Download section.
  2. Download the purchased extension – you will always download the installation zip file.
  3. Log into the administration of your website and go to Extensions > Extension Manager
  4. Activate Upload package file tab
  5. Click browse and navigate to the installation zip file you have just downloaded
  6. Click the Upload & Install button
  7. The zip file will be uploaded onto your website to the tmp folder first. From there it will be automatically extracted to the destination folders and the sql scripts will be executed in your database.
  8. You will see a message confirming the successful installation once the installation process is finished in Joomla

Uninstalling the component

  1. Go to Extensions > Extensions Manager
  2. Click the Manage tab
  3. Type in word “JC PROJECT” into the Search field
  4. The extensions related to JC Project appear
  5. Select JC PROJECT whose type is "Package" and click uninstall button in the toolbar.


      6.You will see a message confirming the successful uninstallation once the uninstallation process is finished in Joomla

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